Bespoke Development

Our particular talent is custom development, bespoke for specific requirements.

Almost every business nowadays has a web site. However, in today's connected culture, we find businesses are choosing to move to Web-based internal systems, due to the benefits this can provide:

  • Common, intuitive and self-explanatory user interface
  • Easily accessible from any permitted location
  • Integration with external web site
  • Compatibility with external resources
  • Works on any device with a suitable Web browser
  • Removes requirements for proprietary and costly software
  • Served by proven, reliable, enterprise-grade technology
  • Choice of hosting on in-house hardware, or in remote datacenters
  • An array of available options for high-availability and flexible backup strategies

Such systems may include:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Order Processing / Stock Control
  • Document Management
  • Resource Management
  • Company Knowledgebase
  • Business Intelligence

Security must be maintained at all times, particularly with sensitive data such as customer details and commercially sensitive information. We do not necessarily recommend systems be placed "in the cloud", despite how trendy this may momentarily appear. While for some businesses this is an acceptable risk, others prefer to have their sensitive data in an easily tangible location. Fortunately, Web based systems can be hosted anywhere - in your office, in your datacenter, or in half a dozen datacenters all over the world. A hybrid, balanced approach is often found to be the ideal solution. Access can be limited, authenticated and encrypted as appropriate.

Whilst all relevant technology is considered during planning a solution, we find the following open-source components to be particularly versatile and reliable:

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